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"Where's your office?"

We're asked all the time. And we love to answer the question: We're wherever you are. Our people work from locations all over Florida. We have a flexible footprint and can reserve working space instantly at over 90 Class A office buildings throughout Florida. We've done it this way for years. Our people like the flexibility and so do our clients. We pollute less by not forcing our employees to commute to the same location.  And we're affordable, because our clients aren't supporting unnecessary overhead. Our operations are entirely cloud-based, so we aren't tied to one location. We save trees that way, and your records are safer in the event of severe weather. 

Generally, for meetings, we come to you. If that's not convenient, we'll let you know our closest meeting location. You won't drive far, we promise. Monthly, we'll set up an electronic flow, so that you aren't wasting gas or time to get to us and vice versa. And if you really want to review your monthly results from poolside in Waikiki, you're good to go.

So how do we get your financial records? Through our secure Client Portal. See the white Padlock at the top-right of your screen? Just roll up your receipts and stick them in there! Seriously, it's almost that easy. Click here for our Client Portal or here to use for SecureSend. Or just click that white Padlock.

We have a number of ways of converting paper statements and receipts to electronic files. Most bank and credit card statements are available in electronic format from your financial institution. For receipts, if you do not have a receipt scanner, we can set you up with our remote scanning service. Or you can just snap a clear picture with your phone and send it to us. Of course, anything you fax to us is digitized. But if you insist on seeing one of our cheerful faces, we'll send someone right over to pick up your work.

Ready to get started? We are! Call or email today, and we'll have you organized in no time!