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WynBiz For Businesses

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WynBiz Accounting

Want to save money on the accounting services your business needs and know that your costs will stay steady from month to month? That's WynBiz Accounting! We've bundled the most required services into three VERY affordable levels:

  • WynBiz Core
  • WynBiz Complete
  • WynBiz Xtreme

Then we sharpened our pencils to make each level outrageously affordable.

WynBiz Accounting Levels

Here's how it works:

WynBiz Core   Your Core accounting needs taken care of, year round, for just $275 monthly. Tired of "billable hours" and a kick in the pants every time you need just a little attention from your accountant? Just want one predictable monthly number that covers you, year round? Then WynBiz Accounting is for you! And Wyndham Accounting & Advisory is where to get it!

WynBiz Complete   Your Complete accounting and tax or payroll needs taken care of, year round, for just $375 monthly.  Dread your annual business federal income tax prep bill? Want your personal federal income taxes included? We add business and individual federal income tax return preparation or payroll services to our WynBiz Core level. We also add QuickBooks training, maintenance and support.

WynBiz Xtreme   Your Xtreme accounting, tax, payroll and cashflow analysis needs taken care of, year round, for just $475 monthly. Need business and individual federal income tax return preparation and payroll? How about cashflow analysis and a true understanding of what's happening financially? WynBiz Xtreme adds all of these services to our WynBiz Complete level.

One predictable monthly number that covers you, year round. That's WynBiz Accounting for you! And Wyndham Accounting & Advisory is where to get it! Call to get started!

So what's included at each WynBiz Accounting Level?  Just a great bundle of services, at outrageously low pricing!

WynBiz Accounting Services

These services are included in the WynBiz Accounting Levels:

WynBiz Core $275 monthly

  • Monthly Bank Reconciliations
  • Monthly Credit Card Reconciliations
  • Payroll input or review
  • Quarterly Financial Statement Construction
  • Quarterly online reviews
  • Initial QuickBooks Setup and Configuration
  • Online & Phone Support
  • Year-End Review

WynBiz Complete $375 monthly

  • WynBiz Core PLUS:
  • Monthly Financial Statement Construction
  • Ongoing QuickBooks Maintenance and Diagnostics Testing
  • QuickBooks Training
  • And Either:
    o   Business tax return preparation at year end
    o   Personal tax return preparation at year end
    Payroll Processing ( based on a 5 check payroll bi-weekly)
    o   Payroll tax form preparation
    o   Payroll liability Deposit preparation

WynBiz Xtreme $475 monthly

  • WynBiz Complete PLUS:
  • 1099, 1096, W-2 preparation
  • Sales tax form preparation
  • Business tax return preparation at year end
  • Personal tax return preparation at year end
  • Daily accounting (Detail transactions processing quoted individually)
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Business strategy and deployment

Of course, if you'd rather "dine off the menu", we provide all accounting payroll and tax services on an "a la carte" basis, too. Or you can choose the WynBiz Accounting Level that's best for your business, and just add the additional specific services you require. Just call us for details!

WynBiz Accounting Terms and Conditions

WynBiz Clients are automatically ACH-debited or charged by credit card on the 1st of each month. WynBiz Clients agree to complete Tax Organizers timely, thoroughly and accurately, and submit other documentation promptly when requested. WynBiz Clients can select a different WynBiz Accounting Level at any time after 6 months, upon 30 days written notice. A fee equivalent to two months' service will be charged if:

(a) a client on the Complete, Xtreme or Max Levels switches to a WynBiz Accounting Level that does not include federal income tax return preparation within 180 days of Wyndham commencing preparation of a federal income tax return, or if

(b) any payment shall be dishonored on rejected by Client's financial institution, and not corrected within 5 business days of notice.

Service on accounts that are unpaid after 15 days will be discontinued. Accounts that are unpaid after 30 days will be turned over to collection.