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WynClub Income Tax Preparation

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WynClub Individual and Business Federal Income Tax Return Preparation

Want to save money on federal income tax preparation and know that you won't be nickeled-and-dimed for every little nuance of your situation and the additional forms and schedules that must be filed? That's WynClub! We've bundled the most required tax preparation services into three VERY affordable levels: 

  • WynClub 1040Basic
  • WynClub 1040Complex
  • WynClub Business (1120 / 1120S / 1065 / 1041 / 990EZ / 990)

Then we sharpened our pencils to make each level outrageously affordable.

WynClub Levels

Here's how it works:

WynClub 1040Basic   Your IRS Form 1040 Return expertly prepared and timely-filed electronically, starting at just $199!    This plan best suits individuals without business interests

Your 1040Basic return includes any two of: Schedules 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, A, B, EIC or HOH status.  Additional items from this Basic Group are just $100 each!

Your 1040Basic return does not require any of Schedules C, D, E, F, QBI Calc or similarly-complex schedules

WynClub 1040Complex   Your IRS Form 1040 Return expertly prepared and timely-filed electronically, along with any other required schedules, starting at just $399!  This plan is perfect for individuals with business interests

Your 1040Complex return requires any one of Schedules C,  D, E, F, QBI Calc or similarly-complex schedules. Additional items from this Complex Group are just $150 each!

Your 1040Complex return includes any 5 items from the Basic Group above.  Additional items from the Basic Group are just $100 each!

WynClub Business Returns   Your IRS Business Return expertly prepared and timely-filed electronically, starting at just $400!  This plan is perfect for corporations, partnerships, NFPs and trusts

Supplemental bookkeeping services needed, if any, are charged at our applicable standard or peak hourly rates.

That's it! One predictable number that covers your entire federal income tax return, regardless of which additional forms and schedules are required. That's WynClub for you! And Wyndham Accounting is where to get it! Call or connect to get started!

Of course, we also very affordable traditional forms-based pricing, if you'd rather "dine off the menu". Just call us for details!

WynClub Terms and Conditions

WynClub is priced as above.  WynClub Clients prepay via WynPay-ACH Authorization, at enrollment and then on or about January 15 each year.  Any remaining balance is charged at the sooner of completion or extension.  WynClub Clients agree to complete Tax Organizers timely, thoroughly and accurately, and submit any other requested documentation promptly.  Wyndham Accounting places on extension any return for which all requested documentation has not been provided 15 business days before the filing deadline.  Agreements first executed within 15 days of a return's filing or extension deadline are accepted on a Best Efforts basis, but timely filing cannot be guaranteed.  WynClub Clients must qualify to file the IRS Filing Status, Forms and Schedules for the WynClub level selected. If Wyndham Accounting & Advisory, LLC determines that a client's situation does not qualify for the WynClub level and add-ons selected, the Client will receive the pricing for the appropriate WynClub level and add-ons, and will be charged the difference before authorization to file.  WynClub Clients agree to review their prepared return carefully, and accept full responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of all information on the return, once authorized for filling.  Any payment that is dishonored or rejected by Client's financial institution will incur a $45 fee. Tax return preparation will be discontinued until payment is received.